Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Stories

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! Here we are just before heading out for church. I got the kids new Christmas clothes a few days ago. When I asked Tadi to put his on he ran to his room and pulled out the clothes I had brought home from Ethiopia for him. I thought that was pretty fantastic, so I decided to wear my Ethiopian dress too.

From Chloe:
I got an American Girl doll with a horse. I got some new pairs of earrings and I got a mosaic picture and I got a flashlight that is also a pen. And I got a DSi. You can play Mario Party and My Littlest Pet Shop on it. I woke up very early and I woke up everyone! I love Christmas!!

From Rachel:

I got an American Girl doll and an American Girl horse for Christmas. I got a pack of lipsticks and I got them in my room (Rachel asked Santa to put one small thing in her room). I got three packs of Pet Shops from Chloe and Tadi. I got mosaic pictures, a castle and a horse. I felt very happy! I got a pack of chocolate Santas.

From Tadi:

I love my football helmet but I don't like them alot, just love it a little bit. I wanted to have a cowboy horse and a cowboy. (Tadi asked Santa for a football helmet - amazing, he got one! The girls got dolls and horses and he was feeling VERY left out... ;) I love my toys. I like my (Nerf) guns and bullets. I love my t-ball set and my racecar track. I'm happy about my toys.

From Matt:

Christmas is always such a wonderful time of year. A time for both friends and family.

First the Friends: The whole Christmas season kind of kicked off this year getting out of work early. We had the opportunity to spend a couple of evenings with friends around the community at different gatherings. It was a nice way to kick start the holiday. What a great neighborhood we live in!

Now the Family: My sister flew in from Michigan to join us. My Mom and Dad came and spent Christmas Eve night with us so we could all be together Christmas morning to watch the bevy of wrapping paper fly through the air in the morning as the kids opened their presents. I am still a kid at heart on Christmas Eve. Anxious for Christmas and having a hard time falling asleep and when I do ususally a wrestless sleep. This year it reminded me of my recent surgery. When I fell asleep, and I don't remember when I did, within a second, the kids were jumping on our bed saying "Santa came, Santa came, get up, get up!!" So we did and it was such a wonderful site to see the kids so excited to open their presents and then watching them play for the entire day in their pajamas. Next up - Mark and Vicky for the New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From Beth:

I really enjoyed Christmas morning this year. It didn't seem to be quite the fractic frenzy as some of those in the past. I got to see the kids open all their stuff and man they really had a fantastic time playing all day. We never left the house because it rained pretty intensely all day.

Matt's sister and parents stayed the night Christmas Eve so were with us Christmas morning. Was very nice. And we went to church on Christmas Eve, so we stayed in our jammies ALL DAY!! Fabulous.

The kids really picked out some fantastic things for me. We let them pick out whatever they want for us and honestly they did a great job picking things that really fit my personality. I was very surprised and impressed. I also got a Scentsy wickless candle set. If you haven't seen these, and you really like candles, you got to check them out!

Wishing you all a wonderful, blessed, New Year.

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